Meditation & Mindfulness Teachings For Modern Times
That moment after your last thought, and just before your next. The silence between two thoughts. That’s the present moment.
— Howard Cohn
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San Francisco Bay Area Meditation & Mindfulness Teachings For Modern Times

The Silence Between was born after many years of exploring and developing mindfulness and meditation practice. Over time, my interest evolved from what I could do for my own well being, to how I could help others enhance theirs.

The Silence Between offers mindfulness training in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley to individuals, groups and corporations of all sizes. I emphasize the use of techniques that lower stress and anxiety, increase happiness, resilience, and boost emotional well-being.

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Ways We Can Work Together

Group Mindfulness Meditation

Practicing together at comfortable and intimate venues in San Francisco in groups of up to 20. Sessions are between 30-60 minutes in length and are partially guided. All levels encouraged to attend. Check the Upcoming Events section to book.

Mindful Cooking and Eating Classes

Since we use four of our five senses when we eat, this is quite possibly one of the best and most enjoyable ways to practice mindfulness. I’m a chef and I’ll design a class around mindful cooking and/or eating for us to participate in together. Private in-home sessions available here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Group Mindful Nature Walks

Nature is awe inspiring and naturally draws you into exactly where you stand. We’ll head to Marin Headlands just north of San Francisco, or the hills in the East Bay to learn how to utilize nature as a means to practice being present. Walks are 2-3 hours in length depending on where we go. For more on this, check out what the Japanese have been studying - forest bathing. Yes, really...!

Corporate Mindfulness Training

The workplace is full of distraction and oftentimes stressors. You’ll learn practical tips and even some software/apps to help keep yourself and your teams focused. One time and multi week curriculums available in the San Francisco Bay Area. See Corporate for details.

Continuing MBSR/MBCT Practice

When MBSR & MBCT training ends, this is just the beginning and where much of the work lies.  It’s critical to keep practicing, so we’ll do this together to support each other and stay accountable so that the benefits are realized.

Mindfulness for Mental Health

Hundreds of studies have been done demonstrating that after just 8 weeks of mindfulness practice, areas of the brain that are responsible for mood regulation begin making new and beneficial connections. Join me in a group meditation session by checking the Upcoming Events section to get started. Private sessions available by appointment.

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